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As a Canadian, you lose almost half of your income to taxes each year.
Income Tax will remain your biggest expense each and every year.

As successful Canadian business owners, we lose almost half of our income to taxes each year.

Income Tax will remain our largest expense each and every year as well to our estate on succession.

Junkala Wealth Building Inc. offer you effective products and solutions for Tax Minimization and Wealth Building. All of these strategies are contained within the Canada Tax Act. It’s how we use these tax strategies that set us apart from everyone else.

Our experts will save you thousands of dollars in taxes annually.

Preferred Corporate Investment Solution

A tax efficient way of dealing with surplus inside your company.

  • Most successful business owners have accumulated surplus cash in their companies. Many have a holding company to accommodate this surplus.
  • If invested the gains are taxed at high rates in their company and because of recent tax changes these gains could reduce or eliminate the company‚Äôs small business deduction.
  • They need to have access to this money in case it is needed.
  • They would eventually like to use this money for their retirement but will still have to pay tax personally.
  • Recent tax changes have restricted income splitting to family members.
  • Most realize that registered plans such as RRSP’s only defer tax and can cause bigger tax problems in the future.

Our experts at Junkala Wealth Building Inc. provide affluent individuals and their professional team the opportunity to retain hundreds of thousands of dollars more in pre-tax income and profit with minimum risk. Our tax strategy experts find the opportunities others miss.
You have our guarantee that when we have completed your financial analysis, your professional advisors will whole-hardheartedly endorse our services.

Let us show you solutions others have missed. Contact us for an initial discussion to show you what is possible.

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