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As a Canadian, you lose almost half of your income to taxes each year.
Income Tax will remain your biggest expense each and every year.

Junkala Wealth Building Inc. is only one of two companies in Canada who offer you effective products for tax minimization, wealth creation and unique investments.  And all strategies are contained within the Canada Tax Act.  It’s how we use these tax strategies effectively that set us apart from everyone else.
Our experts can show you a better way to
  • utilize corporately owned insurances
  • implement individual pension plans and retirement compensation arrangements
  • creating holding companies, family trusts & estate freezes
  • create health & welfare trusts
  • maximize executive & employee benefits
  • utilize corporately owned insurances
  • develop succession plans that give you peace of mind
  • make charitable donations and charitable foundations
Our tax consultants at Junkala Wealth Building Inc. provide affluent individuals and their professional teams the opportunities to retain hundreds of thousands of dollars more in pre-tax income & profit with minimum risk. Our tax strategy experts find the opportunities that others miss. You have our guarantee that we have completed your financial analysis, your professional advisors will whole-heartedly endorse our services.

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