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Unique Investments

Are you getting everything you expected from your investment portfolio?

At Junkala & Associates Wealth Builders we boost your investment portfolio to achieve strong vertical growth.

We will meet with you to discuss your financial objectives and perform an analysis on your current financial situation. Not until we have a complete understanding of your needs do we invest your money in tax-preferred investment opportunities, helping you achieve your financial goals.

From mining operations to the syndicated real estate business, from flow through shares to equity linked notes, our Unique Investment Strategies deliver strong returns.

For instance, our syndicated real estate business opportunities can earn you strong annual returns of 15-20%. What’s more, our investment opportunities are generally principal guaranteed and RRSP eligible.

As a leader in wealth creation, we are constantly forging ahead creating our own income making investment opportunities. Our track record proves it.

You have our guarantee that when we have completed your financial analysis, your professional advisors will whole-heartedly endorse our services.
Call us at 1-705-674-6130 to find out if you might be missing out on these opportunities.

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