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Business Planning

Contained within the Canada Tax Act are tax minimization opportunities. They are legal, ethical and moral. The problem is the government creates these opportunities and doesn’t tell you how to use them. Our qualified experts at Junkala Wealth Building Inc. can use these opportunities to your benefit. We will return substantial tax dollars back to into your business and investments.

We've got the tax savings and asset protection answers to questions that you might not even know you had!

Tax Minimization 
Unique and safe ways to minimize the taxes you pay
Wealth Creation
Watch your money achieve vertical growth in a tax- efficient wealth creation plan.

Business Continuation & Succession Planning
Planning for the sale or transition of ownership of a business 
Requires expert advice from advisors with experience
Wealth Maximizer  
A unique approach for business owners to draw from their holding companies at 90% tax efficiency.
Group Benefits & Company Pension Plans
All plans are not created equal.  We provide the most up-to-date business intelligence on pensions, benefits and compliance to keep your business safe and ensure your employees’ peace of mind.
Unique Investments 
Take advantage of our star performing investment opportunities

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