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Wealth Creator

Our Wealth Creation and Estate Preservation Strategies allow you to accomplish:
  • a tax-free retirement plan
  • generational wealth for all your family
We invest the capital generated by our tax minimization and tax-efficient structures towards the Wealth Creator™ and develop a tax-efficient wealth management plan for you. Over time it allows you to:
  • deposit money in annual investments that are tax deductible
  • watch the money grow sheltered of tax
  • retire with the money tax free
  • pass money on to the next generation, tax free
Whether you need:
  • as much retirement income as possible,
  • or have wealth accumulation issues or estate preservation concerns,
    Junkala & Associates Wealth Builders will customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

You have our guarantee that when we have completed your financial analysis, your professional advisors will whole-heartedly endorse our services.

Contact us: 1.705.670.6130 Toll Free: 1.866.570.0234

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