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Tax Minimization

As a high net worth Canadian, you lose almost half of your income to taxes each year. Income Tax will remain your biggest expense each and every year.
Junkala & Associates Wealth Builders offers effective products for tax minimization, wealth creation and unique investments.  And all strategies are contained within the Canada Tax Act.  It’s how we use these tax strategies effectively that set us apart from everyone else.

In many cases we have been able to save clients over $100,000 in taxes and build their estate value by over $1 million, without adding new capital and actually minimizing risk.
Our network of professionals work carefully with you, your lawyer and accountant, to develop a plan that reduces the tax you pay and fulfills your financial objectives.

We offer a number of custom solutions for all areas of life, including at the time of passing.
Both safe and highly effective, these solutions are based on strategies resident in the Tax Act.
Call us at 1-705-674-6130 to find out if you might be missing out on these opportunities.
You have our guarantee that when we have completed your financial analysis, your professional advisors will whole-heartedly endorse our services.

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